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About us

Who are we?
'Accounting Poland' is a Warsaw based Polish outsourcing chartered accountancy practice offering tax & accounting services for foreign nationals and companies doing business in Poland. We have almost twenty years of experience in serving international business clients of different sizes in various industries, including professional services, construction and trade. As an outsourcing accountancy firm we hold the Polish Ministry of Finance practicing certificate and appropriate professional insurance policy.

Our offer.
Our core services are: accounting, taxes, bookkeeping, payroll and related advisory. We also assist with business formation, registration and administration, as well as taking basic legal actions on behalf of our clients. We are primarily dedicated to helping our clients comply with the Polish reporting, registering and fiscal requirements, but can also support their internal reporting needs and policies. Essentially our clients can rely on us to handle all the bureaucracy and paperwork relating to the above duties and focus on growing their own Polish bisuness.

To whom it is adressed?
Our offer is basically dedicated to SM (small/medium) businesses, both start-ups as well as those already established in Poland, who want to focus on their core business and do not want to divert their attention and resources to developing and maintaining their own accounts department.
What makes us stand out of the crowd:


Chief Accountant

Client's Software

Unlike many other accounting firms, we take a much more flexible approach, so the services that we provide can be customized to our client’s individual needs. For those clients who are not yet knowledgeable enough to select the services they need to comply with the mandatory requierments we offer two distinct predefined packages of accounting services: 'Basic Accounting Service' and 'Extended Accounting Service' that respond to the client’s general expectation as to the level of assistance on our part rather than refer to the detailed ‘scope of services’.
Our ‘Extended Accounting Service’ is a unique solution that combines the advantages of outsourced accounting & tax services with an in-house manager. It is particularly suitable for those clients who need a Chief Accountant (or a similar senior manager) on board, within their ranks, but are not large enough to hire such individual as a full time member of staff.
Another unique solution that indeed makes us stand out of the crowd is the possibility to use the client’s own accounting software. This can be achieved not only by using a cloud system solutions. It may work fine with remote access to your own desktop standing right there in your office, with your own accounting system installed on it. There is no need to go into detail about the benefits of this solution. It is just enough to mention the 24/7 access to all your records, reports and other functionalities offered by your own software without having to learn a new one.